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Welcome to our website, it is dedicated to the Hawker Hunter, a British fighter aircraft which first flew on 20th July 1951. This company, Pacific Hunter Aviation, has 14 of these lovely fighters which were bought by Geoff Moesker from the Royal Singapore Air Force in 1995. The Singaporeans swapped them for F16s and RF-5Es. Singapore certainly looked after their Hunters with all the latest modifications being done. They are the most modern Hunters available for sale in the world today. Some airframes on offer have over half their life left, having been rebuilt for the RSAF in the 70's. The aircraft have averaged about 100 flying hours a year, per airframe, since then and anyone who knows how strong the Hunter is will realize that these 30 year-olds will be on the flying register for a long time yet.

The other projects which we talk about in this website have to do with getting these beautiful aero planes back into the sky. If you would like to fly with us or just come and sit in a Hunter or watch us fly, we would be delighted to meet you. However, if the Net is the closest you can get, that's okay too! Australia is a long way from most other places on this planet after all. We will keep our Web site updated on the operation, this will include some cool video shots in the future.

The 50th Anniversary of the Hunter has been and gone (just by chance, my son Alexander was born on that day, 21st July 2001). We stole the show at Avalon with Rick Lea putting on an excellent display. We were hoping to do the sonic boom, being the first British aircraft to do so.  but this was not wise for insurance reasons.  There are two other Hunter owners in Australia and one in New Zealand, so we hope to have quite a party on the day. Information on the Hunter with hundreds of fantastic photographs can be seen elsewhere on the Net by following our links. If there is a good site out there dedicated to the Hunter and not included on our list, please let us know. Finally, we would like to hear from people in all the 21 countries who have flown the Hunter operationally, namely Chile, Peru, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Iraq, India, Switzerland, Oman, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Jordan, Kenya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Great Britain.


Geoff Moesker was in Cambodia when he heard on the Bush Telegraph that Singapore was tendering its fleet of Hunters. Getting the 21 aircraft packed up and shipped to Australia was a big job, and he spent 10 months in Singapore dismantling the Hunters ready for shipping. Since he worked in the construction industry, he had everything he needed to get the job done properly.


Pacific Hunter Aviation has professional experience in dismantling, packing and shipping of complete aircraft. You can be confident that all your needs will be catered for in a professional and timely manner. We can also help with the paperwork and keep you informed of all the current rules and regulations.


Speak to us about having one of our Hunters repainted in your corporate colours. The possibilities for exposure could include television commercials, appearances at air shows and sports events, incentive or VIP joy flights.


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